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Welcome to my office!

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I am excited to help you live your best life.

One where you feel at peace with yourself, where you can grow both personally and professionally, and where you can foster healthy relationships and balance.

Check out what I offer and get in touch with me via email:

Talk soon!

Individual sessions

Office and ways of working

All sessions take place remotely, through video calls. I mainly work in European time zones, but am open to other hours as well - reach out and we'll figure it out!

I offer sessions in English and Latvian.

The process

We'll start with an intro session to understand your desired outcome and work together to develop an approach that works for you.

I also offer one-off support sessions - just e-mail me!

Session rates


Single session: 50 EUR

Four sessions: 180 EUR*


Single session: 69 EUR

Four sessions: 250 EUR*

*Must be used within 2 months

Business solutions

Remote work-life balance

Remote work is hard - boundaries become blurry and we can get lonely. I offer a masterclass on how to avoid burnout and maintain a better balance when working remotely.

Intro to mental health

A general masterclass on mental health and self-care. Training can be adjusted to include specific topics based on what your team needs!

Therapy for your team

If you want to support your team's mental health, various arrangements are possible - e-mail me to discuss it in detail!

Everything is possible ...

even if it's not mentioned here.

E-mail me at:

and we'll figure it out!

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