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I love 
to create.

I've been creating ever since I've been a child - I vividly remember one of the first stories I ever wrote, in a thin school notebook at the age of 10. 

I've been writing ever since - stories and poems, and once I even submitted a novel to a contest (but nothing good came out of that).

It took me a long time to realise that not everything we do has to bring us money - some of it, we can do for fun and just because

So this section is dedicated to my creative pursuits - because they too deserve to be shared with the world.


"Notes On A Fragile Mind"

After going through some heavy personal things, I found writing poems really helped me process everything I had to deal with.

Eventually I felt like physically closing this chapter of my life, so I ended up self publishing a poetry book. You know, because - why not?

My music


I've always been very into music, and I've always loved to sing. And I mean it - I have 100+ playlists on Spotify, for every daytime hour and occasion!

Occasionally I like to record song covers and post them on Youtube. I practice a one take approach, meaning I must record the song in one go. I might make several takes, but I don't edit the song. It doesn't need to be perfect - just heartfelt.

My latest song is here and my channel is here!

My stories

As mentioned before, I love to write!

I don't have much to show for it yet, but I'm hoping if I put this out there, it might hold me accountable enough to actually finish my latest WIP - a fantasy novel that I'm around 11 chapters in and that's been brewing in my mind since 2018. I know, that's a long time!

I'll figure out where to post all my stories and eventually, there will be a link here. Stay tuned! 

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