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This is my last week jobless

This is my last week jobless. 🥲 

Two weeks ago I accepted an offer and quietly took down my green banner. Big thanks to everyone who supported me and helped me find my new role - but I'll speak about that in the future, this is not about that.

This is my last week jobless for a solid while (fingers crossed, haha) and I'm allowing myself to process that.

I remember I was so scared this spring, that all of this was going to impact my career negatively. Ha! I'm smarter now and I now have a better understanding of what I want, personally and professionally. And out of all the places I interviewed with, only one company/interviewers seemed really judgemental of my break (let me tell you, I was real happy when they rejected me). No one else cared. They understood. 

So, let's look back.

I did so much in these 6 months! And also nothing.

I traveled to 4 countries. I saw friends I hadn't seen for a year. I made new friends. I wrote a poetry book (out soon!). I launched my private practice and later changed my mind. I spent a month and a half living on a small island in the North Sea. I spent weekends at my countryside home, doing repairs with my family. I took many walks with my sister. I read books. Mostly fantasy adventure novels. Nothing serious.

I went to Silent Disco parties and danced under the open sky. I had a whole operation and managed to secure Taylor Swift tickets for me and my friends next year, haha. I went out on wonderful dinners - with my partner, friends, or just by myself. I spent long evenings engaged in wonderful conversations with people dear to me. I went to an amusement park - hadn't been to one since childhood - and one attraction spun me around so hard I had to sit down afterward and I realized I'm getting older! 😁

I also spent many days doing nothing. Watching movies and TV shows. Gaming. Checking out the new Hogwarts Legacy game. I also have a whole family on Sims and a very pretty farm. Don't get me started, I'm very proud of my farm. 😁 I danced around my home to pop songs. I ate a lot of cheese. Cheese is good. Cheese is important. Especially if you pair it with some wine 😉

I allowed myself to just be.

And then, at some point, I realized something in me was stirring. I think it happened around the time I started reading "Built for People" which I posted about earlier. I realized I miss people and that buzz I get from working, especially if I get to work in a field I love. And taking this time off allowed me to explore these things and really understand what I want - I realized I don't want to be a full-time therapist after all. While I do enjoy working with people 1:1 a lot, I miss the startup energy and collaboration, so I'm going to keep it as a side thing. 

After giving myself space to rest, I had come to a spot where I felt - I was ready. Or I will be, very soon.

So I started looking for a new role. I had a long talk with myself about what's important for me in a job, in a company, in the ways of working. I set out to look for it, and I was lucky to find a place that actually makes me excited to start - fingers crossed it'll be as good as I hope!

But the point remains - this is my last week jobless. 

Looking back, I am so happy I did it. None of my fears came true, but going forward I can say that in the last year of my 20s, I put myself first, took time for myself, and made amazing memories. 

So, my friend, if you find yourself at a crossroads like I did, and you have the means to do so, I recommend you do just that and take a moment for yourself. It was nice to stop the hamster wheel and ask myself, what I want and who I am, and how I want to live my life. It was nice to live by my own rules and listen to my body for a bit. And also build a relationship with myself so that I can have some inner balance even when I do immerse myself in work again.

After all, as much as I like working, no job is worth your life and I wonder how it never occurred to me before to just ... take a break. If life allows it, I'll definitely do that again in the future. Maybe before I turn 40? A tradition, to celebrate every decade of my life? 

Anyway, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. 

But now - a new adventure awaits ...


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